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Management Software

Management Software Management Software Development

Management software represents the set of programs that automate the management process in companies and can be divided in these main groups:
  • Accounting Software
  • Software Store
  • Production Software
  • Budget Management Software
  • Financial Analysis Software

On this site we develop management software for the first three groups.
Accounting software has these features:
  • Management Accounts
  • Records Management
  • Prints Budget Accounting

The production software has these features:
  • Production Management
  • Management Launches Production
  • Management of Production Data Collection

RGPSoft deals with:

* Design and development of software management horizontal or custom of last generation, speed, strength and ability to be easily customizable are the main features of our applications. We can easily prove this, since we always try our customers programs version demo or even completely free, no offer it with the words, but with the facts (see eg Calus).

* Realization of websites functional and not only beautiful and captivating to see us there offer real programs on the Web so that for example the management of your stock always available, even when you are out here.

* installation, configuration and management of Linux servers . You can watch yourself the section devoted to Linux, servers fast and robust, because compiled directly from us.

News from RGPSoft News from RGPSoft

06 February 2014 : Calus Upgrade

We have released the new version 3.4 of the software with important updates regarding the management of the prices with discounts and price rises for sale. As always you can download the free program from its <...

16 October 2013 : Suggestions of Development

We want to make it known that the suggestions that you send through our dedicated page, which you can find in our management software was not created to send requests for assistance or otherwise. We simply rece...

27 September 2013 : Importing Data in Calus Plus

Many of them require a way to speed up data entry in Calus Plus, even by those who come from other management software. Our software uses any data source compatible with the track record and this data can be en...

29 December 2012 : Calus 2014 - 1.2.7

Available upgrade to version 1.2.7 of Calus 2014. In this new release includes images to inventory items and the online help for the user. You can find more information in the

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