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Version 2.8

Agricolarum is an application that allows you to manage a farm with compilation and printing of the logbook.
The following application is freely released without any technical support and updates.

- Organize the work of machines and workers on plantations, fields, on the machines and other cost centers.
- Compilation and automatic printout of the medication record crops.
- Print the list of costs and revenues per crop per field.
- Print confirmation report of daily work.
- Prints loading, unloading, and inventory of stock items.
- Automatic updates.

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To learn how to use the program, you can use the online help

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Simple free software for farm management.

Lastest News About Agricolarum

04 September 2014 : New Agricolarum Version

We have released version 2.7 of Agricolarum with changes especially to prints and some program error. For more information please visit the web page related to the software.


07 December 2012 : Free Software for Agriculture

We have released our free software for farm management and printing of the yields of crops or of individual fields. To download Agricolarum you can go to the page dedicated to software.


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