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Management software represents the set of programs that automate the management process in companies and can be divided in these main groups:
  • Accounting Software
  • Software Store
  • Production Software
  • Budget Management Software
  • Financial Analysis Software

On this site we develop management software for the first three groups.
Accounting software has these features:
  • Management Accounts
  • Records Management
  • Prints Budget Accounting

The production software has these features:
  • Production Management
  • Management Launches Production
  • Management of Production Data Collection

RGPSoft deals with:

* Design and development of management software horizontal or custom of the last generation, speed, strength and ability to be easily customizable are the main features of our applications. We can easily prove this, since we always try our customers programs version demo or even completely free, no offer it with the words, but with the facts (see eg Calus).

* Websites realization, functional and not only beautiful and captivating to see us there offer real programs on the Web so that for example the management of your stock always available, even when you are out here.

* Installation, configuration and management of Linux servers. You can watch yourself the section devoted to Linux, servers fast and robust, because compiled directly from us.

News from RGPSoft News from RGPSoft

01 July 2022 : MerciGest Professional First Release

First software version released. Among the main features we find the inventory value with the weighted average purchase price, the management of the reordering of products and the printing of invoices. As time ...

08 December 2021 : Calus Annual no longer available

We inform you that the serial code to activate Calus annually will no longer be available, as the sale of the forever one will also end definitively on 31 December 2022. In this way we give the possibility to t...

13 November 2016 : Currency and Documents in Calus

Available version 5.3 of Calus with currency management and ability to compile invoices and orders in a currency other than the base of the program. We have also included the usual supplier for each product and...

15 May 2016 : Calus 4.9.9

Available upgrade to version 4.9.9 of Calus. In this new release you can buy the serial code to activate the software forever. You can find more information in the

02 October 2015 : Agricolarum 3.0

Our software for farm management has been updated to version 3.0 which is chargeable. Do not update the old version of the program if you want to use again Agricolarum free. More information in

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