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Warning: as written on the software user agreement, we remind you that the MerciGest program is not suitable for managing commercial activities or companies, if you use it for this purpose we do not take any responsibility. If you want to use a simple and cheap program for your business, we recommend the use of Calus, also because only the latter is covered by our technical assistance. Thank you!

MerciGest is a completely free management program for the warehouse with customers and suppliers, printing of movements and invoices. You can use it without any limitation in all its features, no surprises!

Our free MerciGest inventory software is very simple to use with a simple and modern interface. It allows you to import product data from an external file and has no limits, in fact you can enter all the data you want. In fact, as our custom, we always release the drafts of our management software free of charge, in this case the main program of this project is Calus, which obviously has many additional features being paid. You can try our main software without any commitment to purchase by visiting this page where you will find all the information. Before downloading and using the program, we recommend that you read the frequently asked questions ( coming soon ) that have been asked about the software by our users. We also recommend watching the video tutorials and subscribing to our YouTube channel by activating the notifications with the bell to always be updated on the program's features.

1. Management of customers and suppliers with summary of stock movements
2. Management of the goods in the warehouse with the calculation of loads, unloads and orders
3. Using the barcode for loading and unloading warehouse

The operation of the program is very simple: open the main menu is displayed with buttons to enter inventory items and the data of your company. Then you can enter the loads, discharges or made by customers.
To enter a stock movement is necessary to choose the type (loading, unloading or made) using the appropriate button, enter the data in the header as the number and date, then you go to the individual rows. As the products are handled the program will update the stock automatically, so you will always see the situation of the goods within its warehouse. As a last thing to know the data filter, through this, you can view only those included in the list of movements between the start and end dates of the same.

After using our software for a few days, why not give your opinion, it is important for us to know your impressions. Thank you!

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