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MerciGest Professional for Windows© systems Desktop version is a software to manage all aspects of warehouse inventory, with a clear and easy to use interface. The stock of products with loads, unloads, under-stock and quantities to be ordered is always visible.
At the first start, the program asks whether to use an example data archive that allows a first practical approach to the software, then it is possible to install a new empty database simply by pressing the main menu key ( round button at the top left ) and choose the command "New Archive" from the menu that appears.
MerciGest Pro has been designed to be as simple as possible to use and allow data to be entered quickly by also using barcode readers, both in keyboard and serial port mode ( for more details on this aspect see the help in line ).
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Attention: project terminated!

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Source Application with MS Access
The use of the program is very simple: when it is opened, the main menu is shown with buttons to enter the warehouse items and data of your company. Subsequently it will be possible to enter the loads, unloadings or returns from customers.
To enter a warehouse movement, you must choose the type ( loading, unloading or returns ) using the appropriate button, enter the data present in the header such as the number and date, then move on to the individual lines. As the products are handled, the program will update the stock automatically, in this way you will always have visible the situation of the goods in your warehouse. As a last thing to know the data filter, through this it is possible to view in the list of movements only those included between the initial and final date of the same.

For information about source code you can see this page on our blog.

  Attention: project terminated!  

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01 July 2022 : MerciGest Professional First Release

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08 December 2021 : Calus Annual no longer available

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15 May 2016 : Calus 4.9.9

Available upgrade to version 4.9.9 of Calus. In this new release you can buy the serial code to activate the software forever. You can find more information in the web page of the software.

06 February 2014 : Calus Upgrade

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16 October 2013 : Suggestions of Development

We want to make it known that the suggestions that you send through our dedicated page, which you can find in our management software was not created to send requests for assistance or otherwise. We simply receive these notifications by you the users...

27 September 2013 : Importing Data in Calus

Many of them require a way to speed up data entry in Calus Plus, even by those who come from other management software. Our software uses any data source compatible with the track record and this data can be entered into an Access database (default)....

29 December 2012 : Calus 2014 - 1.2.7

Available upgrade to version 1.2.7 of Calus 2014. In this new release includes images to inventory items and the online help for the user. You can find more information in the web page of the soft...

02 December 2012 : Free Software for Warehouse

We have released version 1.2.5 of Calus 2014 our new free software for warehouse management. To download the software you can visit the page dedicated to software.

10 January 2012 : Application Warehouse Open Source

We have released the program for warehouse management Calus 2012, in a completely free open source under the GPL. To download the program just visit the page dedicated to the pro...

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