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Serial code purchased on this page allows activation of only the copies in English of the software.

Before buying you should carefully read the agreement to use the software also present in the installation process of the program and which you must accept while installing the software.

Updates and technical support are included with the purchase of the serial code.
Here are the serial code to activate our management software:
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Calus inventory management software Click Here to See the Price   serial code useful to activate the software for lifetime on max. 1 workstation. Click Here to Buy

Software License Agreement
This contract is between RGPSoft of Rossi Giampaolo and You end-user. From this point of the contract, the word "software" identifies the computer program and "us" identifies RGPSoft of Rossi Giampaolo, while "you" refers to the end user of the program.
Carefully read all the terms of use of this software.

Art. 1) As all the works in digital format, the program will not be granted, but the license to use the software. In this case, each license is valid for a workstation, regardless of the number of its users.

Art. 2) RGPSoft is used to activate the software online, a serial number of type 1 can be activated for lifetime on one computer, while of type 2 will be activated on 3 workstations at the same time and will be active for a period of 1 year, after this time you must purchase and activate a new license key which in turn will last for another calendar year.

Art. 3) No authorization is granted to anyone to resell the serial codes unless you have been authorized by RGPSoft of Rossi Giampaolo.

Art. 4) With the purchase of the license to use the software through a serial code, phone support is not included, assistance is granted only by tickets system.

Art. 5) The data included in the archive of the program are owned by the user and therefore are in full responsibility of the end user, RGPSoft of Giampaolo Rossi does not assume responsibility for misuse of the program that may lead to misplace or render useless such data.

Art. 6) The license to use the program is sold without technical support by telephone or directly in person. The software is still sold after advised to try the limited version, then RGPSoft of Rossi Giampaolo has no obligation to release updates, as the end user we tried the demo version that is perfectly the same as the final version (release) with the only difference being that they can not enter more than 100 rows per tab and not being able to print full documents.

Art. 7) For internal statistical purposes we collect to RGPSoft a simple notification completely anonymous to the achievement of the 20 hours of use of the software. If you do not agree on the use inside of this notice, please do not install the software.

Art. 8) The activation of the software with a serial key of type 2 is valid for 1 calendar year ( 365 days ), this involves the removal of some restrictions such as the ability to print or to add more than 100 rows. After this period the program and then returns the serial number to be restricted in the prints and the number of records. The user at the time of purchase of the serial is aware of this type of sale of the license and therefore is in favor of such a policy RGPSoft of Giampaolo Rossi. For this, purchase another serial code if you want to use the program at the height of its functions to another calendar year.

Art. 9) As with all digital works, the serial code, once purchased can not be refunded.

Art. 10) We do not make customizations to the program of any kind, not even for a fee. The program is distributed as a DEMO to inspect every aspect of the software itself, as described in the art. 6. The user, for this reason, at the time of purchase, for us, knows the features of the product, and for this, we assume no responsibility about the lack of knowledge by the user.

Art. 11) If the program or part of it, does not work after the purchase or activation doesn't work, RGPSoft of Rossi Giampaolo believes that it is the customer's computer to have problems, so it is not obligated to modify the software, with no other penalties. If you do not agree with this policy, you can avoid installing this software.

Art. 12) Each serial code of type 1 can be activated on one computer for lifetime, while serial code of type 2 can be activated for up to 3 times at the same time, this means that you can work on 3 different machines at the same moment. If you want to change the machine or you want to format it, you must first disable the serial key. In case you forgot to turn off the serial code before changing computer or formatting it, so you did not have the chance to do this, you can send a support request and we'll take investigations during 5 days next, to confirm the actual accident. We still have the full discretion on the ability to restore an activation code blocked. If you do not agree with this our policy, please do not install the software.

Art. 13) We are not responsible for the activation process of the software and the number of activations of the serial code, because we provide the software deactivation process. You are entirely responsible for the number of activations made and we are not obligated to provide a further activation of the same serial code. If you do not agree with this our policy, please do not install the software.

Art. 14) As warned on the site page ( www.rgpsoft.com/software/calus.php ) the program is not fully compatible with the versions of Windows Starter. We do not support versions of Windows Starter in any way, for us you know the risks of such use and is fully responsible. We are not responsible for missed activation of the software and for that we are not required to refund or change activations Calus software on our servers.

Art. 15) The software comes, by us, continually tested and proven on hundreds of different Windows computers, for that reason we will distribute it fully functional. Every computer is different depending on the programs that are accidentaly or inadvertently installed, for this reason, for us, is always the user's computer to have problems, both before and after the activation of the software. For this reason we are not responsible for the failure of the software and for that we are not obligated to any kind of refund. If you do not agree with this our policy, please do not install the software.

Software Refund Policy

RGPSoft's software, at the purchase, is guaranteed as fully functional product. You have a free trial period during which you can fully evaluate the product before purchasing. You can rely on our administrative service, on trial version, to be sure that the software is capable of satisfying your needs before purchasing a license. After purchasing the software, after which you will receive a license key via email that allows you to activate the software or for lifetime on 1 computer or for 1 year on up to 3 pc's at a time, no refund will be possible.
If you do not agree with this policy or not fully accepted the conditions laid down, please do not buy our software. Thanks.

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