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Stock Inventory Software

Version 4.6

Calus is a software for inventory management very simple to use, with a very powerful interface, clear, comprehensive and the latest generation. Calus is the Etruscan god of the underworld, we come from an Etruscan land, that's why we decided to give this name so simple to this software.

Here are the latest features included in the software:
Ver. 3.6 New list look and feel.
Ver. 3.7 Introduced print of the value of warehouse and improved the speed of loading data.
Ver. 4.0 The program now has fee to full use it.
Ver. 4.1 Search the product in the warehouse with the barcode reader.
Ver. 4.2 Insert notification message moving mouse cursor on product row.
Ver. 4.3 Print template for invoices without tax.
Ver. 4.4 Fixed some minor bugs and calculating the final sale price.
Ver. 4.5 Made various improvements and included handling items with barcode reader in orders.
Ver. 4.6 Entered the management of the barcode Code 39.

Download Calus
Easy to use and simple software for managing warehouse stock.

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The project Calus is not the continuation of the previous that is written in Access, in this case it is of a program written in VC++ which is issued
In the demo version there are limitations in the number of records that can be inserted, but not in the number of stations that can work together.
If you are using an earlier version free please do not update with this because it is limited in data entry.
The operating systems for which the software is distributed are: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 e Windows 8

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From day 1 May 2014 to today are 76 those who are tried the software in English.

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Each serial code costs $.32,50 ( USD ) + Tax and allows you to turn on 3 workstations simultaneously for the period of 1 year with assistance by E-Mail.

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