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Version 3.6

Calus is the new free software dr. Giampaolo Rossi for the management of a simple stock.
The program is distributed free of charge without any technical support and updates.

Ver. 1.5.0 Management of orders processing.
Ver. 1.5.1 Control freshmen and duplicate codes.
Ver. 1.8.2 Print earnings and the economic situation.
Ver. 2.0 Switch to Calus.
Ver. 2.2 Entered workers management and the filters to registry.
Ver. 2.3 Sped up sorts of warehouse items and added lists number of values in status bar.
Ver. 2.4 Fixed some data issues on the agenda and automatic update.
Ver. 2.5 Improved speed of arrangements across all lists.
Ver. 2.6 Ability to remove advertising from the program.
Ver. 2.7 Added printing of the labels of the products.
Ver. 2.8 Export data of the goods in CSV and XML format.
Ver. 2.9 Fixed some problems relating to export of data and prints.
Ver. 3.0 Fixed some problems and introduced the production of goods.
Ver. 3.1 Insert print invoices with logo and data of goods.
Ver. 3.2 Added printing of summary movements between a range of dates.
Ver. 3.3 Improved handling of products with the barcode reader.
Ver. 3.4 Quick changes on items data like discount, price or tax.
Ver. 3.5 Insert print of historial of a product and promotions.
Ver. 3.6 New list look and feel.

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The project Calus is not the continuation of the previous that is written in Access, in this case it is of a program written in VC++ which is issued
free of charge and will be developed in a few moments of free time Dr. Giampaolo Rossi, then the development will be very slow
and this is not guaranteed that in the future can continue. The advice is still to follow the developments of the software with the many tools available.

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From day 1 November 2012 to today are 512 those who are using the software in English.

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Free software for managing a simple warehouse, advanced features are for a fee.
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Each serial code costs $.32,50 + Tax and allows you to turn on 3 workstations simultaneously for the period of 1 year with assistance by E-Mail.

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