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Agricolarum 3.1

Farm Management Software

Agricolarum is an application that allows you to manage a farm with compilation and printing of the logbook. The program manages the work of machines and workers on crops providing always the situation of costs and revenues per hectare of your fields.

Here are the features of the software:
- Management of crops and fields.
- Management of machines and workers.
- Management of cost centers.
- Inventory management with articles for the orchard.
- Management of operations for workers and machines.
- Confirmation report daily work.
- Print the logbook by date range.
- Print the list of costs and revenues for cultivation or field and per hectare.
- Print the graph for meteorological period.

Farm Management  
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Software for farm management

By default, the program uses a Microsoft Access® database also shared in the LAN.
The program can be easily removed via Windows® control panel

Have you tried Agricolarum and now want to buy the serial code to activate the software with updates and technical support?
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Technical assistance

Some things to know:
Our stock management software is horizontal, as it say in the technical language, this means that it is a general-purpose application or for general use. The software on the market are almost all horizontal: Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Office®, Adobe Photoshop® and many others. This means that we can not ask users to Microsoft® or Adobe® to insert ourselves a button here or a new window there, we have to use the software as is being proposed, that's the reason for the test, which we strong recommend to everyone to do a working simulation.
The program is still evolving for other usage in the future, in fact we receive many suggestions from our end users that in this time have helped to bring the software Agricolarum to be more complete, while respecting the simplicity of use, real power point for this warehouse management.

The project Agricolarum is not the continuation of the previous that is written in Access, in this case it is of a program written in VC++ which is issued
In the demo version there are limitations in the number of records that can be inserted, but not in the number of stations that can work together.
The operating systems for which the software is distributed are: Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8 and 8.1 - Windows 10

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Not compatible with Windows Starter Edition

WARNING: we do not make any kind of software customization. For technical support you can Open a ticket

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Inventory Software
Each serial code allows you to turn on 3 workstations simultaneously for the period of 1 year with assistance by ticket system.
To see the cost of each serial code you can open the menu "Program -> Activate" in Agricolarum and press the button "Buy", then follow the instructions.

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